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Some of the games that we play are listed   below. We will   continually try to bring new game modes to fully utilize our sites potential and give our members a more   realistic and objective based days gaming.

TANK ATTACK. Assault the PanzerIV. Make a full on attack on our Panzer tank and its machine gun nests, Blow up the tank using the detonator and TNT. Then push the defenders back to their outpost where you must clear them all out. A fast paced tactical game where you need skill and accuracy to win.

DEAD OR ALIVE.© : A clever tactical game which involves both teams trying to capture their opposing players armbands, for points and to diminish their numbers. Each armband is worth 100 points. Players can choose to buy back in their dead players by using the captured armbands, but this also decreases their total points. Game duration changes every game, so players will not know when the whistle will blow. At game end captured armbands are added up and the winner is revealed.

HOT L.Z.© : Fast and furious timed gamed, with one team attacking and one team defending. Objective to lower the flag at the L.Z.

SINGLE BASE ATTACK   : Attack or defend any one of the 5 bases. Capture the base and drop the flag.

BREAK-OUT© : Find the box with the key out in the woodland, then attack the courtyard where the prisoner is being held. Free the prisoner and evac him     to   the safety of the L.Z. tower.

AMMO DROP© : Both teams have to locate as many of the ammo crates hidden around the site. Recover them back to their base and wait till the end of the   game to count up the points. The twist is that not all the boxes contain plus points some have minus points in them. All this while under fire from their opposition.

H.Q. ATTACK : Defend the near impenetrable courtyard from the continuous attack. Stop the H.Q. flag from being lowerd.  

SNIPER OPS. : Try your skill as a sniper and eliminate the specific targets out in the woodland. Stealth and accuracy are needed for this   game   as its the   sniper who does all the hunting. Take out your targets as they are heavily defended, without being discovered.

MISSION OPS : Each team   have specific   objectives to complete. Some the same some different from each other. Complete your teams mission objectives to score the most points and declare your team the winners.

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