Your first visit

If it's your first time playing airsoft, we recommend you wear good supportive footwear. Helpful to have, but not essential, would be a pair of gloves and a hat. 

With the rental equipment you will receive your rifle & magazine, Your face mask and camouflage jacket and pants. You also receive 500 rounds of ammo. Further pellets/bbs can be bought on site.

We give a full safety brief on the day explaining all the do's and don'ts. We have waivers on site to be filled in and signed on your first visit. 11 - 17 yr old will need an adult present to counter sign their waiver.

Veteran with your 

own equipment

So , you are already a player and have all your own equipment.Chances are that you have played before.  Well, you don't need to pre-book. Our gates open at 09.15 Saturday and Sunday and games start at 10.30(after the safety briefing). Upon arrival , after signing in, we will need to chronograph all of your guns and pistols. We use .25g bbs for chrono check and we always ensure your hop is turned off. For HPA guns we fit a tamper-proof sticker to your regulator valve.

All guns must be under 1 joule of energy to be able to be used on site. Rifles and pistols that have passed inspection will be marked with a sticker. Every visit you must have your equipment chrono'd by us.

Make sure to transport your guns in suitable bags or cases and have them in the boot of your car.

What is Airsoft

Airsoft is a 'tag' sport and is played with 'R.I.F.'s'(replica imitation firearms). Basically through the course of the game you are shooting little 6mm plastic pellets at your opponent to hit/'tag' them out. It is based on honour and therefore the player calls himself/herself out when hit. They then return to a respawn point and 're-generate' back into the game. 

Games can consist of single objective to multi-objective missions. Simple attack and defend games, to sniper hunts, to full on rolling missions. Something for everybody.

The Law & Misc.

Airsoft guns in Ireland are legal once they are under 1 joule in power. That means they must be under 328feet per second with a .2g bb.

It is illegal to brandish/have out in public view any airsoft replica. This has a very serious penalty of up to 5 years in prison, if convicted. So always be sensible and have your guns concealed in an appropriate bag/case.

Our on-site facilities include a toilet, purpose built safe zone, complimentary tea & coffee, battery and phone charging facility & car park.

*Unfortunately, we do not have any debit/credit card facilities on-site.


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